Solo Travel Guide: Weighing the Pros and Cons


Solo travel has long been associated with loneliness and sadness. Because of the negative notions, many travelers find planning a solo trip heart-wrenching and difficult. Some are stuck deciding whether a solo trip is worth the risk, expenses, and heartache.

Some wonder if a solo trip is enjoyable, immersive, and life-changing, outweighing the cons.

Before embarking on a solo trip, it’s vital to examine its advantages and disadvantages to make an informed decision.

Advantages of solo travel

1. Set your own budget and save costs

Solo travel can save up to 75% cost compared to traveling with family, partner, or friends because you don’t have to worry about covering the expenses of others. This helps you to explore the best deals for yourself.

In addition, solo travel gives you the freedom to customize your own budget. This is because you don’t need to worry about others when covering accommodation, food, transport, and other traveling expenses.

2. Customize accommodation based on your needs

One advantage of solo travel is that you can customize your accommodation based on your needs. This is because you don’t need to worry about the desires and accommodation needs of your traveling companion when planning a solo trip.

Several solo travelers choose between staying in hotels, motels, hostels, or private rentals based on their preferences, comfort, and budget.

3. Do whatever you want

Whether your goal is to learn a new language, explore different local dishes, finish a book, or stare into the clouds, solo travel offers you the opportunity to do whatever you want at your convenience. This is because you don’t need to bother about the wants and goals of your family or friends or adhering to time constraints initiated by anyone.

4. Chance to make new friends and connections

Solo trips offer you the chance to make new friends and connections. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, you can benefit from socializing with one or two persons and engaging in conversations about anything you’d like. You can determine common interests and spice up your conversation for both parties.

Some travelers are quite comfortable befriending fellow solo travelers. You can also interact with locals to improve your travel experience.

Disadvantages of solo travel

1. Solo travel can be less safe

Most people wonder if solo travel is safe. No form of travel is 100% safe. Solo travel is less safe when compared to traveling with a company. This is because no one is around to alert you, watch your back, or care for you if something goes wrong.

Scams, theft and assault, getting lost, drunkenness and intoxication, and language and cultural differences are prevalent safety issues solo travelers face.

2. Solo travel can be quite lonely

Solo travelers often get lonely at some point. Sometimes, they wish their friends and family were around to discuss, admire the destination, and share stories about their trip. Some solo travelers get more lonely when trying a local dish.

Friending other solo travelers, ringing up family and friends, and going for a tour are some ways to deal with loneliness during a solo trip.

3. High cost of accommodation, car rental, and dining

Solo travel can get more expensive than group travel because there’s no one to split the bills with. As a solo traveler, you will cover the total cost of accommodation, the cost of private transport, 

entire meals, travel insurance, and the cost of tickets to attractions.

To minimize costs, you can use public transportation instead of hiring a vehicle, stay in a shared accommodation, or join group tours.

4. Sitting beside strangers in transport

Most solo travelers find it uncomfortable to sit next to random people. The luxe of sitting next to people they know and are comfortable around are eliminated.

For example, the person sitting next to you might have body odor, chew loudly, occupy your personal space, or, in rare cases, harass you.

When planning a solo trip, don’t forget to include noise-canceling headphones and eye masks. They might come in handy.


Before planning a solo trip, knowing its pros and cons is essential. Solo travel can be suitable for those who enjoy their personal space, need time, and are prepared to tackle the risks associated with solo trips.

Have you embarked on a solo trip before? Did you enjoy your journey? Did you get homesick, or at some point wish you went with others? Share your experience in the comments.

Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis
Sarah is a graphic designer and website builder. She has always had a fascination with different cultures and loves to embark on adventures that allow her to delve into history and art in various regions. She loves to share her travel experiences, providing insights and tips.

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